About Us


Daryl Sandak grew up in South Florida, a melting pot for culture and style.  She fondly recalls her affinity for shopping as a child.

“I grew up shopping. Seriously...my grandmother had a job at Burdines (the Florida store) and had an employee discount. To us, that meant "free!", so I grew up in a stroller at Burdines. I hid in the clothing racks and looked wide-eyed at the jewelry cases. I can easily say that my mother and grandmother were my biggest fashion influences. They were always put together, always had their earrings and lipstick on!" 

The addiction to shopping and the psychology of why people bought what they bought, is what fascinated Daryl to study Fashion Merchandising at Florida State University, where she graduated in 2007

Upon graduating, Daryl moved to New York City to  break into the industry she loved as a child. With some luck and perseverance, she found herself in the jewelry industry, which she has been working in for over 13 years. As her knowledge of the industry grew, the more connected she felt to pieces that had the right recipe of fashion, wear-ability, luxury and value. 

Organically, as friends and family were getting engaged, they asked Daryl for advice on their purchases. Displeased with the options that were in the market, Daryl started designing engagement rings with a select group of suppliers. As customers started seeing value in the rings they wore everyday, requests for everyday fashion pieces came flooding in.

"The idea to start my own brand came came to me when I saw the demand for effortless, luxury pieces without the heavy markup. The market is flooded with designs that are overpriced and too fussy for a modern lifestyle. My design philosophy is effortless luxury. Fine jewelry retains its beauty with minimal maintenance, creating amazing value and ease for the women that wear it. I believe women can elevate their everyday look by adding wearable, trend-forward pieces of fine jewelry that they never need to take off. My goal is to provide my customers with pieces that work as hard as they do, transitioning to everything on their schedule, all without changing their jewelry. 

Outside of the office, Daryl enjoys and annoys her husband Michael and their dog, Cassius. She got a taste of her own medicine, when her son Shea was born in November 2020. Sandak relocated to Miami, back where it all began in 2021.